Boys' Night In


Rules (Yeah, we have some)

We're all on the same team, here

Summary: Don't be a Dick

This is all pretty common-sense stuff.

Wondering what to bring or wear?

Initiation is mandatory

We do the initiation (possibly after any business meeting) at all the regular Boys' Night In parties. Be on time: If you miss Initiation, you'll be punished.

Judgement-Free Zone

Boys' Night In events are a judgement-free zone. Be open-minded, be flexible, and be smart.

Drink Responsibly

Underage drinking, drink driving, or any kind of illegal drug use is totally forbidden and we have zero tolerance. We're not going to risk our fun events over someone's illegal habits. If you see something, say something.

If you're consuming marijuana we assume you have a prescription. That should only occur outdoors and in an appropriate area.

Some hosts have room for you to crash there — some don't. If you think you might want to crash, ask before you're trashed. You'll probably be sharing a bed, or a couch, with other random dudes.

Respect the Host

The host is the King of the World. Clean up after yourself. Put the recycling and trash where they belong. Don't break shit, don't go digging through their stuff, don't let out the dog.

If you have to park side-of-street, don't block people's driveways, mailboxes, or fire hydrants, park with the flow of traffic, and watch for no-parking zones or parking meters. Be friendly to the neighbors.

Fighting, getting loud and obnoxious, or getting totally drunk and stupid are reasons for us to ask you to leave … and you're calling a Lyft or a taxi if you're drinking.

Respect the Men

Boys' Night In is for all men (of the male gender). We're here in the spirit of brotherhood and brotherly love. If someone gets on your nerves, agree to disagree and walk away: be the bigger man. Treat everyone with respect.

Don't body-shame others. Don't shame someone for being too macho or feminine.

If your male bonding gets a little more intimate, be discreet about it.

Trans guys: awkward moment: If you have anatomy that doesn't match your gender, please keep it covered, even if the event is (otherwise) clothing-optional.

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