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Dark Room Dares Rules

Dark Room Dares works like a Truth or Dare game, mostly.

Starting Off

Each player starts with two chips. We draw cards to pick who goes first, and then move left (counter-clockwise) around the table.

The first player asks the second player to choose Truth or Dare.


If the second player picks Truth, then the first player gets to ask any question he likes. It has to be the kind of question with a short (few words at most) answer; not, tell me a story about … but here are a few allowed examples:

Starting with the second player, every player except the one asking needs to answer that question, aloud. To skip answering, you can sacrifice one of your chips; the first player gets to keep the chip(s).


For a Dare, the first player gets to draw a Dare card from our special deck. The second player then reads the card silently. He can then decide whether to …

Take the Dare
Carry out the Dare. If it requires an assistant, the first player has to assist.
Take the Dare in the Dark
The first & second players go into the dark room and carry out the Dare.
Pass the Dare
Giving a chip to the first player, pass the card to the left. The next player then can Take the Dare, Take the Dare in the Dark, or Pass the Dare.

If the Dare passes all the way back to the first player, though, then not only does he get to keep all the chips, but he can't pass on the Dare, himself.

After each Dare that was taken in the game room (not in the Dark Room), the player who carried out the Dare earns one chip from the House, and if the Dare had been passed, he also keeps all the chips from those who had Passed on the Dare.

If a Dare is taken in the Dark Room, then the player who carried out the Dare keeps any chips from those who had Passed on the Dare.

Ending the Game

After a certain number of rounds, players vote whether to remove the Dark Room from play. After that, all Dares must be taken or passed on.

The winner is the player with the most chips at the end.

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