Boys' Night In


Dress Code

What to Wear? Boys' Night In boxers

For Boys' Night In parties

Check each event's page for special requests, but in general, we strongly encourage everyone to dress down comfortably. When you arrive, you can change into boxers, pajama pants, or sweat pants and put your street clothes in a bag. T-shirts optional.

You should dress down when you arrive (or, after the business meeting) and before Initiation, but it's not mandatory.

You can buy Boys' Night In boxers if you like (hint: they don't have a real fly front, so no peeking problems), or a Boys' Night In tote bag to stash your street clothes.

Most events are clothing-optional after a certain time. That does not mean you need to undress, but it does mean that some guys may. Use common sense — don't go out naked in the front yard or something.


When we have a pool or hot tub, the usual rule is: suits and skin only. That means swimsuits or skinny-dipping, but not boxers, jeans, shorts, etc. (It's bad for filter systems.) Sometimes swimsuits are required, check the event's page to be sure. In any case, bring your own towel(s).

For Boys' Night In Meetings

Where practical, please attend meetings before the parties in business casual attire: pants or jeans, button-down shirt, tie. Jacket optional.

There's no punishment if you can't do so, it's just nice.

For Boys Roam Out Events

Check each event's page for dress code. Unless otherwise noted, wear a white shirt of some kind — tank top, T-shirt, or dress shirt. It doesn't have to be totally white, it's just easier to be that group of guys all wearing white shirts.

You can buy a Boys Roam Out shirt if you like.

Trans guys: awkward moment: If you have anatomy that doesn't match your gender, please keep it covered, even if the event is (otherwise) clothing-optional.

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