Boys' Night In


Initiation (Icebreaker)

Some guys playing spin-the-bottle

Every Boys' Night In begins with Initiation. This is mandatory, every time.

How We Do It

On average, you're going to shake hands with (and kiss) about 4 guys. That's probably a third of the guys at one of our events. You'll have heard everyone else's name at least twice.



What if you show up too late, and we've already started Initiation?

If that happens, you have two tasks.

  1. You have to go to every guy at the party, kneel down and apologize by saying:
    Excuse me, sir, my name is ______, and I have to apologize for being late. There is no excuse for my crime. Please forgive me.
  2. For the rest of the night, you are the busboy. You collect trash and recycling, mop up spills, and fetch drinks or snacks for anyone and everyone.

If you're too very much late, or if you don't call ahead to tell us you're running late, you may not be allowed in.

What's with the kiss?

If you can't handle a couple of guys giving you a brotherly kiss, then this is your chance to get over your phobia.

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