Boys' Night In


Just Male Bonding, South Florida Style

Male bonding

Who are the Boys' Night In Bros?

We're a group of guys, ages 18+, who host members-only male bonding events like game nights and house parties (Boys' Night In) and public fun outings (Boys Roam Out) which are often open to the public.

At Boys' Night In we play games, drink beer, hang out, and make new friends with other good men. We sit around in our boxers and meet other open-minded cool guys. We usually have a board game or card game going, play some group video games, and sometimes have fire pits or swimming pools.

It's about male bonding, in all its forms.

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Brother Organizations

Our events calendar is shared with a number of groups.

The BrosBoys' Night In and Boys Roam Out

We're open to all young men, ages 25-42; any race, color, or nationality; straight or not (heteroflexible, bi, or gay).

If you want to join us, it's easy to apply. We sometimes have events that are open to the public as well.

The Bro Bits
Open to all young men, ages 18-24, the Bro Bits are the little brother partners to the Bros. Most Boys' Night In and Boys Roam Out events are open to the Bro Bits. Apply here as well.
Project Φρατ
(Details coming soon)
The EOD Bros
Some of the guys who help run Boys' Night In and Boys Roam Out events
A club for older guys (coming in 2018)

What is Boys Roam Out?

In addition to our regular parties, we sometimes meet out for activities. Some of these events are open to the public. These range from happy hour meets for a drink with the guys, to weekend overnight trips.

Check the events calendar for details.

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