Boys' Night In


So, you want to be in with the boys?

Thinking about joining up

There's no dues or anything. You just need to send us a few pieces of information to apply.

Before you apply, read the About Us and Rules sections.

Membership has its privileges.

What do you expect? Answer our super-anonymous poll.

Who Can Join The Bros?

ALL men, ages 18-42 are welcome to apply.

If you're 18-24, you can join the Bros as a Bro Bits member.

Ages 25-42 are welcome to join the Bros as regular members.

If you're over 40, look for Grown, coming in 2018.

We are friendly to transgender men. That means that there might be a dude or two who does not have a penis, and that does not mean you get to misgender him (that is: you don't call him she/her.)

We will accept genderfluid or non-binary people (who do not fall into the neat men and women category) but not women (including transgender women).

Apply Now

You'll have to provide a little information and answer some psychologically profound questions (OK, they're not really that profound).

The application form normally takes about 10 minutes to fill out, plus 20 minutes while you upload all your best selfies to show off your good side.

Then, at our next EOD Bros meeting, we'll review your application — those happen about weekly, sometimes a little less often. If you want to send additional info after you've already applied, just e-mail it to us.

If you run into trouble applying, you can also apply by email as well.

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